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Friday, August 19, 2011

Super Summer

So this summer I worked as an Art Instructor at the University Club.  I got to come up with art projects for almost everyday! The kids were super cool and really creative, these are a couple of my favorite projects we did.

This was a giant pyramid we constructed that was 6' tall by 9' square base!  I simply told the kids what the goal was and that it was up to them to work together to construct it.  So I had little influence to how they put it together.

Here I had the kids create a comic without the use of words.  The story could only be told through gestures, expressions, and view points.   This is one of my first kid projects and it's so fun to see how kids try to translate stories with only pictures.  Plus this really introduces them to building a visual vocabulary, so that they can us art and images as another means for communication...And comics are Cool!

Super Vegetables!  Kids created a vegetable out of clay then did a drawing of their veg. and described the health benefits if you ate it!  This project has the best combo of drawing, sculpture, and creative writing!

 More Egypt projects, this one they wrote their own secret message using hieroglyphics.

 Kids illustrated a song on watercolor paper cutting out layers and putting them together to finish their composition around the words.

Learning about weather, kids did an illustrated diagram of how precipitation works.

Ship in the bottle: with blue prints of their ship.

U Club mascot designs by cutting out Asymmetric designs.

Oooooh!  These planets turned out Awesome!!!

Natural Art Project:  I climbed down Summit hill with a machete and collected vines branches and leaves for the kids to create a sculpture together. It started out as sort of a "Lord of the Flies"-esque altar, and pretty much turned into a sweet fort.

Fort #2

Color Theory Hands: Primary colors creating secondary.

Another one of my favorites! Creating Space Themed Board Games.

Alien Puppets!

Life on Planet X:  A group project where a kid starts with an accordion folded piece of paper and starts drawing a landscape with an alien on it leading up to the next side.  Then they pass it to the next kid without them seeing the other side so that when the pages are all drawn on it creates a crazy picture.  Then the first kid gets to write what life lives on this planet and what its like there.  Oh yeah! drawing, group work, and creative writing all in one!