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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swimming Puppy

I finally had some time to play with some photoshop comboed with an ink drawing and watercolor textures.

This Thursday the 28th I'll be hosting the Drawing Club at the Walker Art Center!  It's a great chance to meet many like minded doodlers and to just play with the materials provided!  The event will be going from 4-8 pm.  Family and friends are welcome plus its all free!

This is the latest "It Is What It Is"- Caught in the Act!  I've been a little busy to keep up with posting these so there's quite a few strips to catch up on.  There all posted on the MN Artist Blog under the category It Is What It is, (of course!)  I will eventually like to get a page up just for them soon, as well as for my other comic Natural Catastrophes- YES! SO MUCH MORE FOR ALL TO SEE!